Which Properties to Set in a Style Guide

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Below you will find a short list of the properties that are among the most likely candidates for being set in a style guide for the various windows. This list does not mention issues already taken care of in the default style guide (such as colors and fonts):

· Orientation of the boxes (Info Windows) within a window.


· Whether or not such boxes such allow neighbors.


· Orientation for container objects (for example Column Box objects).


· Whether or not such containers allow neighbors.


· Type and width of the borders around boxes.


· Primary-key font.


· Border colors and border width for primary-key, secondary-key, and virtual fields.


· Number of parent and child records displayed.


· Whether or not there should be scroll bars, and where.

There are also some properties that you might want to set on the various base tables. These properties will then apply irrespective of the type of "box" (info, related, lookup, or subtype) involved. Examples are:

· Validation actions, to be specified in the:
· Pre-insert property


· Pre-update property


· Pre-delete property
· Help topic numbers for fields.