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The Windows Designer catalog provides a hierarchical overview of, and easy access to, all the GUI classes from which info boxes, dialogs, controls and menus are built.

You can show and hide the Windows Designer Catalog. To show the Catalog, choose Catalog from the View menu. To hide the Catalog, click the Close button in the top-right corner of the catalog pane, or choose Hide Catalog from the context menu of most catalog tree nodes.

The Windows Designer Catalog has tab pages for Info Boxes, Dialogs, Controls, Menus and Window Sets. A plus (+) sign in front of a class name indicates that the particular class has subclasses. Clicking the plus sign will expand the tree so that it shows the subclasses. Double-clicking a class name, dragging the class name onto the design area, or using the Open option from the Class menu opens the class for editing. A minus (-) sign indicates that subclasses are currently displayed. Clicking the minus sign will collapse that part of the tree (so as to hide subclasses).

The Info Boxes tab of the Windows Designer Catalog contains all Info Box classes, in all of their various forms, that have been defined.

The Dialogs tab contains all Dialog classes that have been defined.

The Controls tab contains all the GUI controls that are available for use when developing the user interface for a USoft application.

The Menus tab of the Windows Designer Catalog contains all the menu pages and menu lines that have been defined. As of USoft 8, all menu definition work is performed in the Windows Designer, rather than the Definer.

The Window Sets tab of the Windows Designer catalog is used to group window classes into Window Sets. It would typically be used to group and list only those classes which are actually used in the application being developed. This grouping into sets provides an overview of available window classes, and simplifies access to the classes included in the sets.

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