Maximum Prepared Checks

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Specify what the maximum number of prepared checks should be.


This additional parameter specifies the maximum number of prepared checks kept in cache. The default is 500. A higher value for this parameter reduces the time required to recalculate checks, but increases memory usage.

When to use

If the records are stored in memory, the value for this parameter should be as large as your memory allows. If you set it to too large a value, you may experience memory problems.

To change the Maximum number of Prepared Checks:

1. Open the Authorizer.
2. In the Deployment Configurations window, select the configuration for which you want to change the Record Facts Cache parameter.

Usually this will be the LAN configuration.

3. Check the Changeable check box. Now you can change this deployment configuration.
4. On the On Line tab page, enter the desired Max Prepared Checks value.
5. If you also want to change the Max Prepared Checks value for batch jobs, select the Batch tab page and enter the desired value.
6. Save your changes.


Changes made to this parameter are only effective if the Record Facts Cache parameter is set to In Memory or On File.