Pre-Defined XSL Transformations

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Components that make use of extended query conditions can also use XSL transformation sheets. An example is the transformation of the CONDITIONS XML document into an SQL WHERE clause, if the underlying data source supports SQL. It is also possible to use XSL transformations to extract only a few of the query conditions, for example only those conditions which do not use functions.

For your convenience, some pre-defined sample XSL transformation sheets are stored in folder:

<USoft Series installation folder>/xsl/ExtendedConditions

Here is a short description of the available XSL transformation sheets:

· XmlToSql.xsl

Transforms the CONDITIONS XML document into a SQL WHERE clause. The output is a string.

· WithoutFunctions.xsl

Removes conditions in which a function is used. The output is an XML document.

· WithoutSets.xsl

Removes conditions in which sets are used (for example: col1 in (1,2)). The output is an XML document.

· ExtractHardConditions.xsl

Extracts only the conditions that are an equation. The output is an XML document.

· TranslateToOdbc.xsl

Converts date values into ODBC format.

· Evaluate.xsl

This transformation sheet can be used to evaluate records returned by the external data source before returning them to the Rules Engine. It will check if the record complies with all the conditions in the CONDITIONS XML document. This can be useful in situations where the external data source cannot handle some of the conditions, and the connection between the Rules Engine and the component is slow (for example Internet). In this case, trying to reduce the number of records returned may result in a better performance.

'true' is returned if the record complies with the conditions, and 'false' if it does not.

For all transformations, if the transformation fails, "0@0" is returned.