Record Facts Cache

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Specify whether cached records are stored in memory or in file.


This additional parameter specifies whether to cache manipulated or locked record facts in memory (default), in file, or not at all. These records are used to optimize queries by solving more queries locally.

When to use

If possible, always set this parameter to In Memory. Only set it to On File if you experience problems with memory that cannot be solved by reducing the value of the Record Facts Cache Size parameter. If you set this parameter to Not Active, there will be no caching.

To change the Record Facts Cache setting:

1. Open the Authorizer.
2. In the Deployment Configurations window, select the configuration for which you want to change the Record Facts Cache parameter. Usually this will be the LAN configuration.
3. Check the Changeable check box. Now you can change this deployment configuration.
4. On the On Line tab page, choose the desired Record Facts Cache option. (In Memory, On File, or Not Active).
5. If you also want to change the Record Facts Cache parameter for batch jobs, select the Batch tab page and select the desired option.
6. Save your changes.