Transaction Mode (Sybase, SQL Server)

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Choose the best moment to lock records.


On Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase RDBMS servers, a record cannot be read if it is already locked by another user. This may cause unwanted behavior in a USoft application.

The Rules Engine provides a BatchManipulation transaction mode, in which all data manipulations performed by an end user are sent to the server at commit time. This prevents end users from locking each other out, and greatly reduces the time during which records must be locked.

When to use

Set the Transaction Mode to BatchManipulation rather than ImmediateManipulation (the default) if you want the Rules Engine to delay data manipulation locks until commit time.

To change the Transaction Mode when working on SQL Server or Sybase:

1. Choose Edit, Select, Application from the Designer menu bar.

The Property Inspector for the application is opened.

2. On the Behavior tab page, set the Transaction Mode property to ImmediateManipulation or BatchManipulation.
3. Choose File, Save All from the menu bar.