Application Baskets

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An application basket is a user-defined part of any application that is based on an application model.

You can use an application basket to export an application partially. You can consider it as a shopping list for exporting application data, or, even more simple, as a SQL query. For example:

· All application data within business area Person Administration.


· The Legal and Finance parts of an application.


· All Finance-related data of last year.


· The Bookings table.


· First names and family names of all customers less than 30 years old.


· All closed contracts.


In the future, applications might also be compared using baskets.

When you define an application basket for a production version, all business areas of the application, and the tables in this business area are inserted in Basket Sections and Basket Tables respectively.

These business areas and tables are taken from the Business Objects and Application Tables tables.

Afterwards, you can exclude or delete the business areas or tables that you do not want to be exported in this application basket.

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