How to Compare Two Application Releases

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To compare two application releases, start with determining the Source release and the Target release, and make sure these application releases have been exported.

To compare two application releases:

1. From the Configure tab of the catalog, double-click Application Release Comparisons.

The Application Release Comparisons window opens.

2. Enter a Name for the application release comparison.
3. Use the lookup buttons to select the Source and the Target application release.

The Target Basket is set automatically. This target basket is used to compare the two application releases.

4. Optionally, set or change some more comparison settings:
· From the Change Type dropdown list, select whether All changes are reported (default), or Inserts, Deletes, or Updates only.
· Select the Show OLD Values checkbox to specify that in the case of Updated records, the OLD (source) values are reported in the comparison.
· By default, OLD values are not reported.
· Select the PDF Differences checkbox to generate a PDF difference report.
5. Save your changes.
6. Click the Compare button to compare the two application releases.

Now, the release comparison is made, resulting in information message:

XML Difference Report generated.

And, if you selected the PDF Differences checkbox:

PDF Difference Report generated.

At the top of the Release Comparisons window, current date and time are filled.