How to Export an Application Release

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To export an application release:

1. From the Repository Manager menu, select Define, Application Releases.

The Application Releases window opens.

2. Perform a query that retrieves the release to be exported.


You can also open an application release from the Manage tab of the catalog, by double-clicking on the name.

3. In the Application Releases window, click the Export Application button.

The following question appears:

You are about to export the <Repository> application to:

<Folder for Applications>\<Prod Version>_<id>.xml


4. Click Yes if you want to export this application release.

If the Backup checkbox for the release is selected, first a copy is made of the existing release (if any). It is copied to a document with name:

<prod version>_<id>.old.xml

Then, a DOS command box is opened, and a USoft Application is opened for the account of the production version. In this Application, the application release is exported.

Depending on the size of the application (basket), this may take a while.

Once the export is finished, the DOS command box and the USoft Application window are closed, and in the Repository Manager, a message appears.

5. Click OK.

In the Application Releases window, the Exported field is set to the current date and time, and in the catalog, an icon appears to denote that this release has been exported.

6. You can click the View Application button to view the application release in an external editor.