How to Define an Application Release

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To define an application release:

1. From the Repository Manager menu, select Define, Application Releases.

The Application Releases window opens.


You can also open this window from the Manage tab of the catalog, by double-clicking Application Releases.

2. Select a Production Version from the dropdown list.
3. Specify an Id for this application release. This can be any number or code, up to 8 characters long.

For example: appdata, app47, tours, APPTODAY, 20100427.

4. Optionally, specify an Alias.

For example: Today's reservations, Today's appdata, October16, 27 april 2010.

5. Select a Basket from the dropdown list. You can only select application baskets.
6. Optionally, select the Backup checkbox to specify whether the application release should be backed up. In this case, before the export takes place, first a copy is made of the existing application release (if any). It is copied to a document with name:

<prod version>_<id>.old.xml

Also, a backup comparison for this application release is generated that compares the current (= most recently exported) release with the previously exported release.

7. Optionally, you can specify Release Notes for this release.
8. Save your changes.

The release is now listed under Application Releases on the Manage tab of the catalog.