How to Export a Repository Using a Basket

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To be able to export a repository using a basket, first make sure there is a repository version defined with a user and password, and there is a repository basket.

To export a repository using a basket:

1. From the Repository Manager menu, select Tools, Export Repository Basket...

The Export Repository Basket dialog opens.

2. Select the Repository Code to be exported from the dropdown list.

This dropdown list shows all repository versions with a user and password that are NOT production versions.

3. Specify if you want to export the Definer, Authorizer, or BenchMark repository.


For BenchMark, currently a limited part of the repository (mainly Tests and Test Procedures) is exported.

4. Choose a Basket from the dropdown list.
5. Click the Export Basket button.

6. Read the question text, and click Yes if you want to export this repository.

For your convenience, the XML Document field is set to the path of the exported XML document.

A DOS command box and a USoft Definer, Authorizer, or BenchMark is opened for the specified account. The repository is exported using the basket specified.


Depending on the size of the repository, this may take a while.

Once the export is finished, the DOS command box and the USoft application window are closed. In the Repository Manager, the message Repository export finished appears.

7. You can now click the View XML button to open and inspect the generated XML repository.

Repositories that are exported using a basket appear on the Explore tab of the catalog, in the basket exports folder.

In the catalog, double-click a basket export xml to open the XML document in an external editor. The context menu contains a DeleteĀ… option to delete the file.