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A release is a repository version with a release number. This release number can be any number or code, up to 8 characters long. As a suggestion, you could use any of the following:

8.0.2A, aleph, Omega2.5, TODAY, 20100427.

Releases can be exported in XML format. They are stored in the Releases folder, as specified in the Folder Locations window, for example:

C:\XML Repository Manager\releases\

An important difference between repository versions and releases is that repository versions can be easily overwritten, by exporting a version again from the Repository Manager.

Releases usually have a more lasting status: Once you have exported a release, and you decide that everything about the release is OK, you can set this release to Frozen. This makes it impossible to export the release again from the Repository Manager, and by mistake overwrite it.

Backup Release:

Moreover, you can specify whether a release should be backed up. In this case, before the release is exported, first a copy is made of the existing release (if any). It is copied to a document with name:

<rep version>_<release nr>.old.xml

Also, a backup comparison for this release is generated that compares the current (= most recently exported) release with the previously exported release. This can be used within daily scheduled task sets, for example to view last day's changes.

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