The Generated USoft Import XML Document

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The generated difference report of a comparison can be transformed to a USoft Import XML document. This can be used to import all differences into the SOURCE repository.


Executing these manipulations is at your own risk.

When defining a comparison, you can specify whether the USoft Import XML should be generated. Also, after an XML difference report has been generated, you can still generate this USoft Import XML.


A generated USoft Import XML document is named after the comparison, and has extension .imp.xml. For example:


Currently, repository differences can be imported in two ways. This may be enhanced in the future:

· In the SQL Command Dialog box of the Definer of the SOURCE repository, you can issue statement:

SELECT TO_CLOB(xml.import(<MyComparison.imp.xml>))

· You can define a task set with an import task, that enables you to import differences into a repository in a batch-like manner.

For more details, refer to: Task Sets.

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