This example demonstrates how to generate a license file for a redundant server with a license file containing the following lines.

# License file (server version)




DAEMON usoft c:\license\usoft.exe

The license file has been copied to each of the machines mentioned above. The license daemons have been started on each machine in the normal way with the command:

lmgrd -app -c license.dat

The vendor daemon on the master 'AZUURMEES' shows the following screen and you can see that connections to the slaves 'FITIS' and 'BUULBUUL' have been established.

Next, a USoft application is started up and the checkout on the master machine, 'AZUURMEES' shows the following screen:

Finally, the network connection from the master machine, 'AZUURMEES' is removed, and you can see that the checkout is performed on the 'FITIS', which is the second machine in the license file.