Generating a License File for Redundant Servers

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To generate a license file that uses redundant servers, three servers must be specified when the license is created. Unlike independent servers, each SERVER line requires a port number, which can be any number from 1024 to 32000, which is unused at your end-user site.

The order of SERVER lines in the license file (for redundant servers) specifies the end user's desired selection order for the master server node. If the order of the SERVER lines does not agree in all license files, FLEMlm uses alphabetical order to determine the master and the following messages are generated in the debug log file.

6/26 11:00 (lmgrd) License File SERVER line order mismatch.

6/26 11:00 (lmgrd) Using alphabetical order

If the server order does not match, the daemons come up initially but reconnection in the event of license server node failure may not work, depending on which node fails and who the master was before the failure. If the automatic failover in the event of node failure is important, then you must ensure that the order of the service lines is consistent on all license server nodes.

When only two of the three license server nodes are up, it is possible for the client application to experience a timeout before connecting to the license server. Specifically, if the first license server in the license file is down, the client application timeouts before attempting to connect to the second server in the license file. This timeout is set to ten seconds by default, so there is a ten second delay before the license is granted.


If the first license server node is to be down for a while, the order of the SERVER lines in the license file which the client application reads, could be changed to avoid this timeout.

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