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· When the file server is also used as a license server you could use the installation directory as the license directory for the license server. In this way, with only one file being used by all clients and the license server, a correct synchronization between server and client LICENSE.DAT files is guaranteed. There is one drawback. If you uninstall USoft, you will also remove the LICENSE.DAT file from the license server. Remember to make a copy before uninstalling USoft.


· The license server makes a log file directory in the root folder. It is always called 'flexlm'. If you do not want extra directory entries, it is a good idea to make the license directory '<root>\flexlm\'. There is no other way of preventing the extra entry.


· To check the name of the server, use the ping command. Type 'ping <servername>'. The response will tell you if the server name is valid or not.