Installing a Server based License

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· Copy the contents of the \license\server\winNT folder on the USoft Series CD-ROM to the folder on your server with the name that you provided to the USoft Orders Desk. The files that you must copy are:
· installs.exe (Windows service installer for lmgrd.exe)


· usoft.exe (vendor daemon)


· lmgrd.exe (FLEXlm license manager daemon)


· lmutil.exe (command line utility for license server)


· lmtools.exe (GUI utilities for managing FLEXlm license servers)


· lmwin.exe (FLEXlm test program, a GUI client application that uses the Trivial API)
· Copy the LICENSE.DAT file supplied by the USoft Orders Desk to the same folder name.


If necessary you can double-check the name of your License Server by opening the LICENSE.DAT file in a text editor. The name of your License Server is stored in the line that reads: "SERVER".

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