Terminology used in License Management

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License Daemon

This is a program that runs on the License Server and maintains a count of the number of concurrent users of each USoft component. It is only required for counted licenses.

License Server

This is only required for counted licenses. You must assign a computer on your network as the license server and install and run the license daemon on this computer before using USoft Series products.

Concurrent user

One user, working on one client will be counted as one user, regardless of the number of USoft components they are starting.

What are Features?

A feature represents a USoft Component. For example: User Application, Definer. It can also represent an RDMI component.

The version number follows the feature name. For example: Definer80p is USoft Developer version 8 production.

When issuing a new release, new feature names will be introduced. As a result, your old LICENSE.DAT file will not function in this new release and you will need a new LICENSE.DAT file.