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Before you can install or use USoft products on your system, you must have a valid LICENSE.DAT file installed. During the setup procedure, you will be asked to provide the location of this license file.

License management has been incorporated into the USoft product suite to ensure that use of USoft software components remains within the scope of license agreements.

Before you can be issued with a license file, you must complete a License Request form. This form will have been sent to you with the software release information. If you need another copy, contact your local USoft sales organization, or the USoft Orders Desk (

After you have completed a License Request form, and sent it to your local USoft sales organization, the USoft Orders Desk will supply you with a license file (LICENSE.DAT).

This file contains in an encrypted form the information supplied by you, and confirmed by USoft license registration. Please note that the name of the server and the installation directory of the license daemon are necessary for generating a license file for the server.

There are two types of license available. The type of license that you need depends upon how you will be using the software.

· Server based license (with license server)

This type of license requires a license server, which checks the use of USoft components. This type of license is typically used when the number of concurrent users is to be checked. A copy of the LICENSE.DAT file is required on each client.

· Evaluation license (without license server)

This type of license uses a standalone LICENSE.DAT file that does not require a license server, but is only valid for a limited period of time, after which the license will expire.


Before you begin installation you should make sure you know which type of license file you are installing. You can double-check the type of license file you have by opening the LICENSE.DAT file in a text editor, and viewing the contents.

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