Save Workspace Option

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The Workspace option enables you to (view or) save your current workspace (i.e. open and/or cached windows). The next time that the application is started, the windows will then be restored on the screen, or cached in memory. Windows that are kept in memory like this are called "resident windows". The maximum number of resident windows is specified with the Maximum Number of Resident Windows (application) property.

To save your workspace:

1. Choose Options from the Tools menu, and then choose Workspace.

The Save Workspace dialog appears.

2. Select one of the radio buttons, depending on whether or not you want to include windows from the cache.

The tree on the left will then show all currently open windows, or all currently open windows plus all currently cached windows.

3. If desired, remove one or more windows from the tree by clicking the right mouse button, and then choosing Delete.
4. Use the dropdown list in the At Startup field to indicate whether the windows must be opened on the screen (Open in Workspace), or must be cached (and can then be found in the initial pick list).

NOTE: The setting in the At Startup field applies to ALL windows in the workspace/cache. You cannot set it for individual windows.

5. Click the Save button.