Registering the USoft Page Engine On Windows

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To register the USoft Page Engine with Microsoft Component Services:


If you use JSP pages, you do not need to register the USoft Page Engine.

1. Open the Component Services. On Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 7 you will find this under the Windows Start menu, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools. On Windows Vista, click Start, Run, and in the Run dialog type the command: comexp.msc, then click OK.
2. Click the Component Services, Computers, My Computer, COM+ Applications.
3. Click with your right mouse on COM+ Applications and select New, Application.
4. Click Next, create an empty application.
5. Enter USoftPageEngine as name for the application (for example), and click Next.
6. Select "This User" and enter a user id and password that has domain administrator privileges on the server.
7. Click Next and Finish.
8. Click on the USoftPageEngine application box.
9. Click with your right mouse on Components and select New, Component.
10. Click Next; install New Components(s).
11. Browse to the BIN directory in the USoft installation directory (by default it is C:\program files\USD8\BIN for USoft 8, for example).
12. Select the USoftComJavaCall.dll file.
13. Click Next, Finish. It should now look like this: