Additional IIS and Component Services Settings

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Here are some notes that may be helpful when using IIS and Component Services:


The exact procedures depends on the version of the Windows operating system that you have, and varies per version of Internet Information Services. Refer to your IIS or Component Services help for details.

· In Internet Information Services (IIS), a virtual folder must be created to serve the generated web pages. A virtual folder treats the physical directory as an application.


· In Internet Information Services, the session timeout must be set to a value larger than 0. The session timeout determines how long users can be idle and still continue working without re-login Application Built using USoft Developer.

Raising this value consumes more system resources because some data is kept on behalf of each user. From a security perspective, a long session timeout doesn't stop a user being away from his browser whilst others misuse his open session. From a user friendliness perspective, a short session timeout forces a user to type his password after an short idle period.

· When the publication is used, an application is active in IIS and the USoft Page Engine is active in Component Services. To force shutdown (e.g. when a USoft version is being replaced) the application within IIS must be unloaded, and the component must be shutdown. Refer to your IIS or Component Services help for details.


· On recent Windows versions, it may be that an ASP page on IIS can only read 200 Kbytes from a request. This is not enough for a USoft Web Application, and must be increased. To do this, you must update the metabase.XML file, which is located in the c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv folder:
· Stop the IIS service, otherwise you will not be able to save the edited file.


· Open the metabase.XML file with an editor.


· Find the line in the file that reads "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" and change it to "1073741824".


· Save the edited file and restart IIS.
· When using the Rules Service in combination with a USoft Web Application or Web Service the Rules Service can appear to have a delay in responding when the Rules Service is not activated for a period ( >5 min.). The first new request will then take about 15-20 seconds to respond, but after this wake up the responses will be instantaneous.

On Windows Servers this behavior can be influenced in the 'Component Services' (Under Control Panel / Administrative Tools) settings. On the Advanced tab from the application where the USoft Web Service component (USoftComJavaCall.dll) is registered, change the 'Service Process Shutdown' setting if necessary. Ensure that the option 'Leave running when idle' is enabled. In this case the USoft Web service component will always be ready for use.

In addition, for recent Windows versions only, the following settings must be made for the USoftComJavaCall component in Component Service:

· On the identity tab of the Application Properties, Account must be set to one of the following:
· System Account\Local Service


· System Account\Network Service


· This user set to <some user account>
· On the Security tab, the: "Authorization ->Enforce access checks for this application" setting must be unchecked, i.e. switched off.

If you do not do this, you will receive server component access error messages.

· On the Activation tab, choose Server application (NOT client).