Silent Installation: Create an install.sss Parameter File

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The install.sss file is a parameter xml file that the USoft setup utility uses to obtain previously specified parameter settings. This file can be generated by performing a normal USoft setup. The file is saved to the folder that was specified as the installation folder for the USoft product set, and can be copied to another location for modification and future use. This location can also be on another machine.

If you open the install.sss file with a text editor, you can find the settings used by the setup utility under the <variables> element tag.

<silentsettings activeinstalltype="Custom">


<feature id="00"/>

<feature id="01"/>

<feature id="02"/>

<feature id="03"/>



<var name="Product_Name" value="USoft"/>

<var name="Product_Version" value="8"/>

<var name="Product_Version_Number" value="8"/>

<var name="Product_Patch" value="1N"/>

<var name="Product_Update" value="01"/>

<var name="Product_Release" value="%Product_Version%.%Product_Patch%"/>

<var name="Product_Full_Release" value="%Product_Release%.%Product_Update%"/>

<var name="Product_Treeversion" value="usd%Product_Version_Number%"/>

<var name="InstallPath" value="c:\usd8"/>

<var name="ProgramGroup" value="USoft Series 8"/>

<var name="TreeRoot" value="D:\8\pro"/>

<var name="WebAuthInstall" value="True"/>

<var name="LicenseDir" value="\\nlbrnnt44\license"/>