Silent Installation: Import Registry Settings

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When the install.sss file has been modified and copied to a new location (which can be another machine), the USoft setup utility must be informed where the file is located. The USoft setup utility uses the following registry keys to find the location of the install.sss file and to determine the folder where USoft Developer will be installed.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"DisplayName"="USoft 8"

"ModifyPath"="\"c:\\usd8\\Uninstall.exe\" \"c:\\usd8\\install.log\""

"UninstallString"="\"c:\\usd8\\Uninstall.exe\" \"c:\\usd8\\install.log\" -u"





"Publisher"="USoft B.V."


"Contact"="USoft B.V."



These registry keys must be imported into the registry before the installation is performed.

The InstallLocation key specifies where USoft will be installed. It overrules the setting for the InstallPath variable in the install.sss file.

The SilentSettings key determines the location of the install.sss file. This setting must be correct, or the installation will fail.


You can use the example above, after editing it to suit your requirements, and copy it into a registry import file, for example. UsofInstallIimport.reg. You can then use this file to import the required registry keys into the registry of the target machine. Refer to your Windows documentation for more details on importing registry keys.