Business Areas

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A Business Area is a logical part of the business that is easy to recognize.

A Business Area is a large chunk of the business. Examples are Stock Keeping, Customer Management, Order Processing, Delivery or Quality Assurance.

A Business Area is reflected in the system as a sub-system.

Alternatively, in a situation where 2 or 3 businesses work together, Business Areas may be used to separate the activities of each partner and be labeled with business names.

It may be a good idea to define a Business Area called SYSTEM that is used for all Business Rules, Implementations, Notes etc. that are of a strictly technical nature and that the customer should not need to validate and approve separately. This Business Area could be the realm of the development team especially if its members do not belong to the organization that the system is made for.

Many projects contain only a small number (1-5) of Business Areas.

A business area contains:

· Business Process Steps


· Business Rules


· Rule Sets


· Business Objects

and optionally:

· Test Needs


· Notes


· Design documents