Rule Sets

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A rule set is a logical cluster of Business Rules that belong together for some special, often technical reason other than because they cover the same topic (Business Objects and Business Areas are used for this) or because they cover the same business process (Business Process Steps and their child Business Rules are used for this) .

Rule Sets belong to Business Areas but not to Business Objects. Consequently, Rule Sets can be used for classifications that cut across the functional topics represented by Business Objects.

Examples of Rule Sets are:

· a group of rules that together safeguard the quality of address information across the information system.


· a group of rules for calculating and handling VAT in any situation where pricing and payment occurs.


· a group of rules that together constitute a specific mechanism, maybe the mechanism of matching available products to orders.


· a group of agreed working procedures or standards agreed with customer, maybe in relation to a particular area such as Interface Design. (If such information is merely addressed to internal development team members, prefer to identify and group it through Note Sets.)


In USoft 6.2 and earlier, Rule Sets were the only way to relate Business Rules to process-related concepts. With the introduction of Business Process Steps in USoft 7, it is now suggested that such process-oriented Rule Sets are best converted to Business Process Steps.