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USoft TeamWork's object shopping features allow you to specify objects you want to import and export between repositories. These objects are first exported to an export file, and then imported from the file into another repository.

Object shopping is transparent across RDBMSs. In other words, you can shop objects from Oracle into Sybase, for example.

Two types of object shopping are possible:

· Shopping of structure and rule definitions


· Shopping of interface definitions

Shopping structure and rule definitions

This type of object shopping is done from the Definer interface and offers you a range of facilities such as:

· Import and Export Logs


· Analyze Before Import


· Export Definitions: "shopping lists" independent of object classification

Shopping of interface definitions

You can shop a Business Object including its structure, rule and interface definitions.

This type of object shopping is done from the Windows Designer interface. All structure, rule and interface definitions of a Business Object are included in the export. See the USoft Windows Designer help sections for more details.


In both types of object shopping, an import CANNOT be rolled back. It overwrites existing repository objects and definitions. During import each object will be committed separately, or rolled back when violations prevent committing.

When using object shopping for structure and rule definitions, you are advised to do a comparison of the import file data and the repository contents BEFORE importing objects from an import file. This can be done via the Import Analyze File facility. Optionally you might want to make a backup of certain objects of your repository by exporting these before doing the import.

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