Object Shopping of Structure and Rule Definitions

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If you use object shopping for structure and rule definitions, TeamWork specifications relevant to these definitions such as Notes, Rule Sets, etc. are included in the export and import.

To make the most of object shopping for structure and rule definitions:

· Organize your application's components into Business Areas, Business Process Steps, Business Rules and Rule Sets, and Business Objects.


· Attach implementations to Business Rules and Process Steps, and data contents to Business Objects, as required and appropriate.


· To shop, create an export definition, and specify the items that you want exported.

Related items will be included automatically. For example, if you put three Business Objects on your shopping list, all underlying tables, relationships, domains, etc. will be exported.

· Use the Create Export File dialog to have the export file generated.

A log record will be created in the Export Logs table.

· Compare the export file with the target repository data using the Analyze Before Import feature.


· Check and solve conflicts.


· Import the export file into the target repository. Note that a selective import can also be performed. You can then import only those items that you need.