Displaying a Menu Using the Menu Control

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Once a menu has been defined using the Menu Catalog, display of the menu is handled by the Menu Control. To display a previously defined menu:


1. From the Controls tab of the catalog, select the MenuControl item and drag it to in the location in the application where the menu is to appear.


2. Right click on the inserted Menu Control item and open the Property Inspector. Supply values for the properties in the Property Inspector's property list. Use the help in the bottom pane of the property Inspector for hints on setting the properties. While most of these properties control display, three properties are important for the correct operation of the menu:


· Menu file property: By default this lists DefaultMenu.xml. To use custom menus specify Menus.xml. The page engine will look for this file in publication-folder/xml/menus.


· Menu name property: Specify the name of the menu page you have just defined. If you intend to use authorized menus leave this property value empty.


· Frame Target property: This is where you specify the name of the iFrame where the menu items will open.