How to Set a Custom Transformation

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To set custom transformations for a page:

1. Determine the location from where this page is called. For example, a related page can be called from the GoButton button on the page corresponding with the parent.
2. For this button that calls the page, insert an EventListener with Event Type set to: onclick.
3. For this Event Listener, choose Insert, Action from the menu.
4. Select the setCustomTransformation action.
5. For this action, set the Seqno property to 2.
6. For this action, set the sheet property to the name of your customized transformation sheet. As an example, you can use the existing SimplePrint.xsl sheet.


This transformation sheet must be stored in the <USoft Installation>\PageEngine\templates\xsl folder. AFTER publishing, these files are available in the <Web Publication>\xsl folder.

This picture shows what the object tree looks like after performing this action.