Installing a Web Designer Development Environment On Windows

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Here are the typical requirements for a development environment. Before you can work with Web Designer, you must:

· Install one of the supported databases on the computer that acts as the database server.


· Install Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft Component Services (COM+) on the computer that acts as the web server.

For development and test purposes, you can also install the web server software and transaction server on your development computer.

· On the web server, install Microsoft Installer utility (MSI).


IIS and Component Services are included in current Windows versions. In Windows XP Professional Edition, COM+ is installed automatically and is called: Component Services.

For each development computer, you must:

1. Have access to the database server.
2. Install USoft Series, including the Microsoft XML parser. This is described in the USoft Setup help, accessible from the Start menu.
3. Register and configure the USoft Page Engine.
4. Use a web browser, like Internet Explorer.
5. You are required to use Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher, or Opera 5.0. This is because colors and layout will then look best, because these aspects of a web page are defined in cascading style sheets, which are supported by these browser versions.
6. Finally, you may need web authoring tools or content management tools to embed web pages in your web site.

You may have done some of these things already. Make sure, however, that you comply with all of the specified requirements.