Installing a Web Designer Production Environment On Windows

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After you have developed and designed a web application, and this application has been tested, a production environment needs to be set up. Here are the additional requirements for setting up a production environment.

You must set up a computer that will act as a web server. This web server computer must contain the following software:

· Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft Component Services (COM+).


IIS and Component Services are included in current Windows versions.

· The USoft Application Server installation, including the Microsoft XML parser.


1. Register and configure the USoft Page Engine in Component Services.
2. You need a conceptual flat file (with the CON extension) for the web application.
3. Physical tables have to be created on the database server.
4. Run-time authorization has to be initialized.
5. The web server publication folder, and all other necessary files have to be copied to the web server.

Client computers must use a web browser, like Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. This is because colors and layout will then look best, because these aspects of a web page are defined in cascading style sheets.