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For many years, the Internet was like an immense public library. You could think of it as a vast collection of read-only HTML pages, with the occasional possibility to enter name and address information and other isolated interaction options. E-commerce applications are almost the opposite. Most of the content they offer is no longer in a static document but is built up from dynamically updated back office data.

USoft delivers an integrated product set for the development and maintenance of web applications complete with data storage, validation of all types of business rules, and generation of default interactive web pages to add, change, and search data. Connections between browsers and databases are set up automatically. The Rules Engine drives the application, and determines the best location to validate data, database calls, and the processing of business rules.

The objects, definitions, and rules of your web applications need only be stored once in a central repository. As the structure of the data changes, you do not have to implement this change separately in web design tools, server pages, components, and databases.

Web Designer allows you to take full advantage of the definitions in the repository while designing a web application. Once the database objects with their relationships and rules have been defined in the Definer, you can design web pages with forms that end users can open to browse through or change information. You may tailor these web pages to suit your needs, or design new ones, defining their information content, layout and behavior.

Unlike other graphical web design tools, which do not know anything about the structure of the data in the database, Web Designer creates a default web page for each database object and handles their synchronization elegantly thanks to its understanding of the relationships between the database objects. In addition, it offers powerful facilities for re-using definitions, thanks to its inheritance mechanism.

With Web Designer on your side other's fears become your opportunities:

· Business changes: Using Web Designer, maintenance becomes a process of rapid iterative development.


· Complexity: Web Designer handles thousands of rules within a complex web application with ease. With Web Designer, there is no need for hand-coded programming to create web interaction with application data.


· Consistent Reuse: All USoft applications share the same Rules Engine, offering a unique blend of consistent local, intranet and internet solutions.


· High Volumes: Web Designer is highly scalable, through its use of multi-process Rules Engines and middleware to automatically load balance and partition processing based on demand even with thousands of users.

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