Pattern 1: Search-and-Results on Single Page

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This is the default behavior for all info and lookup pages. In this design pattern, a page contains a Search block for search conditions and a Results block that is populated on Search button click.

Info pages and lookup pages have a search area and a results area. The results area shows all base table columns to be displayed, some columns in multi-record layout, and other columns in single-record layout, depending on the In Display Selection attribute of the column in the Definer.

Here are some easy tips to make minor changes to this default layout:

· You can move a column between the multi-record layout area and the single-record layout area by changing the In Display Selection attribute of a column in the Definer to a value (multi-record) or to NULL (single-record).


· You can duplicate a column by adding a GridCell Control in the multi-record area, or by adding a TextColumn control in the single-record area, and then set the appropriate values for Data Source Name and Column.


· You can show the multi-record area on top of the single-record area by changing the Orientation property of the ResultColumnGroup object.


· You can execute an automatic query when the page is opened by changing the Initial State property of the TableDataSource to: Query Records.