Pattern 3: Search-and-Results Across Two Pages

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In this design pattern, one page contains a Search block to enter search conditions, and the results are shown on another, second page. Page navigation occurs on Search button click.

To spread search and result functionality over two pages:

1. In the Web Designer catalog, identify the (default) info page corresponding with the main table.
2. Create two new subclasses of this info page, for example SearchTours and ResultTours.
3. In the SearchTours page, identify the SearchButton in the SearchGroup.
4. For the onclick event listener, leave the executeQuery() action intact, and insert a navigateTo() action.
5. For the navigateTo() action, set the Target Page property to: ResultTours, and the Seqno property to : 2.
6. Now you can delete the ResultGroup and other unwanted functionality in the SearchTours page, and delete the SearchGroup in the ResultTours page.
7. Optionally, you can insert a Back button in the ResultTours page, with a navigateTo() action with the Target Page property set to: SearchTours.