Published Server Pages (ASP or JSP Files)

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Server pages (ASP or JSP) contain server script that a web server processes before returning the web page to the client browser.

The main difference between server pages and HTML pages is the location where the included scripts are run. Scripts in an HTML file are run on the client, in the browser, after the web server has sent the page. Server script is run on the server before the page is sent to the browser. The web server processes the server script and generates the HTML pages that are returned to the browser.

The server script invokes methods of the USoft Page Engine. The Page Engine uses the definitions in the corresponding XML file to determine what to display. The default XSL definitions are taken from the USApplet.xsl transformation sheet.

On current Windows versions, the USoft Page Engine is registered in Microsoft Component Services. The USoft Page Engine is a Java object. In the ASP pages, an additional object is created to translate the ASP calls into Java calls:

set USComVM = Server.CreateObject("USoftComJavaCall.ComJavaCall.6")