Rules Service Start-Up Parameters

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The parameters for the Rules Service are defined in USoft Binder, on the Properties sheet of a Rules Service item. These parameters include:



Service Name

This is the name of the Rules Service as it is shown on the Services tab page in the Control Panel of the Windows operating system. By default, the name RulesService is used but it is strongly suggested that you use a name appropriate to the application served, e.g. OrdersService. The Service Name and its port number must be unique. As a consequence, a running service has to be stopped and removed before its name can be changed.

Port number

This port number is used in the JDBC connection string of the Rules Service. So, you have to specify the same port number that you defined when publishing the web application from Web Designer.

By default, the port number is 7777. It is strongly suggested to choose a unique port number since a port number can only be used by one Rules Service on a machine.

Start service at boot time

This check box can be selected to start the Rules Service automatically every time your computer is started.

When you uninstall USoft Series, you must clear this check box; otherwise you will get an Event Log error message the next time the computer is started.

Peer Rules Service

You can specify the host name and port number of another (Peer) Rules Service that is already started. The new, to be started, Rules Service will take its configuration parameters from this Peer Rules Service. If you click the Configure button, an overview of all running Rules Engines is shown.

Controlling Hosts

Here, you specify the names of those computers that are allowed to change this Rules Service configuration. This allows the controlling hosts to write to the configuration file:

<USoft install folder>/BIN/

RulesService-<port number>.config