The USApplet Transformation Sheet

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The USApplet transformation sheet in the <Web Publication>\xsl folder contains all default XSL template rules for the various XML elements that occur in the Combined.xml file.

It contains template rules for the Combined root element and for the Page element, which is a child element of the Combined element.

It also contains template rules for all ButtonControl, ContainerControl, GridControl, and TextColumnControl elements. You are invited to have a closer look at these transformation rules by opening the USApplet.xsl file.

However, you are strongly advised NOT to edit the USApplet.xsl transformation sheet, but to edit the CustApplet.xsl transformation sheet in the Alt Templates folder instead. Every time a new publication is made, the USApplet.xsl file is overwritten and the CustApplet.xsl file from the Alt Templates folder is copied to the <Web Publication>\xsl folder.

If you reinstall USoft, you must copy the CustApplet.xsl file from the Alt Templates folder to the <Web Publication>\xsl folder yourself.