Web Applications versus Windows Applications

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Many of the current transaction-processing systems will move to the Web in the coming years. There are however some fundamental differences between windows-based and Web-based applications:

· Navigation within and between web applications is different from windows applications. Web applications are integrated in a hyperlinked document structure, and they are not menu-driven.


· Web applications will have many occasional or first-time users. Web applications must therefore be easy to operate.


· Because of download time, web applications must offer compact size but sufficient functionality.


· The Windows look-and-feel is not applicable to Web applications.

Windows applications can be downsized to compact downloadable web pages with great ease in Web Designer. The existing application logic stays intact and business rules are still valid no matter how broad their scope is.

The generated web pages have a transparent and rich look-and-feel, ensure ease of use for first-time users, and provide all of the transactional capacity required. Basic user tasks like inserting, updating, and searching records can be performed in web pages.