Web Designer IDs As Selector

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Within one page, all Web Designer objects have a unique ID. Examples of these IDs include:

· SaveButton, CheckButton, NewButton, and DeleteButton button controls.

"SaveButton" is the unique ID, ButtonControl is the class of the SaveButton control.

· A "TitleLabel" LabelControl.


· A "SearchGroup" ContainerControl.


· A "SearchButton" ButtonControl.

Just as with classes, these IDs are generated into the client HTML documents. Here is an example:

<div id="TitleLabel" class="TitleLabelControl">Tours</div>

By using the (HTML) ID attribute as a selector, you can set style properties for each individual HTML element. You can attach a style sheet rule to a specific HTML element by preceding the ID name with the "#" symbol. For example, this style sheet rule specifies that all HTML elements with ID "Prompt" are in italics:


   font-style: italic;