Where to Use Domain Classes

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By defining style sheet rules for domain classes, you can enhance the usability for your users. Here are some suggestions of how you can use these domain classes:

· Mandatory

You can highlight mandatory fields in a page. This way, it is immediately clear to your users which fields they have to complete.

· Key

You can highlight primary key fields in a page. This way, it is immediately clear which column values identify a specific record.

· Uppercase

You can choose another font for fields with UPPERCASE data.

· MultiLine

You can add an extra border or change the background color for fields with a height of multiple lines.

· Insensitive

You can change the background color or the font type for insensitive fields, for example for non-updatable fields, or non-queryable fields in a Search group. This domain class is set when the State property has been set to insensitive.

· Url

For fields that contain a URL that can be clicked to navigate to another location, you can change the font color.