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 navigateToLookup (targetPage, acceptMode, quiet)



· targetPage [String]
· acceptMode [String, Optional: "Edit"]
· quiet [Boolean, Optional: true]



This function navigates to a lookup page (parent in the relation) or opens a dialog with the lookup page included. If there is an embedded page within a dialog control which has the same name as the targetPage the code will open the dialog for you. If not, the page engine will navigate to the lookup page and push this page to the page stack. Embedded pages are not pushed to the page stack. Pages are popped when appropriate by the function closePage().


The acceptMode parameter, which is called the 'Mode for return value' in the Web Designer decides whether the selected value in the lookup page is placed in an edit control or a search control.


For comments on function usage in inline script vs script defined in files in connection with the execution of script code placed after this function see navigateTo.


Related functions: navigateTo(), navigateToRelated(), closePage()