The PLAN Phase

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In the PLAN phase, you prepare the delivery of a new or updated piece of software together with the specifications of how the business conduct around it must be organised. Or, in terms of the USoft Approach, you prepare the definition and delivery of a set of specifications and implementations.


To plan this work successfully, you need to identify stakeholders, talk to them, and find out what their most pressing needs are (the Business Orientation subphase). It is clearly established by recent developments in the field of Requirements Analysis that this is not simply a question-and-answer game. Stakeholders are unlikely to articulate their real needs unless you help them by expressing assumptions about target specifications very clearly, so that they can validate these. Also, they need to be confronted with storyboards or working software prototypes to give them a clear idea of what is being planned (the Rapid Analysis subphase).

More practically, you also need to plan the organisation of the work, in other words, you need project management. The USoft Approach is agnostic about the project management methods and techniques that you choose to use, but the tasks involved are identified in the USoft Approach (the Project Definition subphase).


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