The Project Definition subphase

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In the USoft Approach, Project Definition is a subphase of the PLAN phase.


During Project Definition, a specific plan of attack is made for the execution of the work associated with the DEFINE and DELIVER phases. This includes budget, resources, logistics and milestones planning: it is what most project management methods and techniques mean by the planning.

The USoft Approach is agnostic when it comes to chosen methods and techniques for project management.

In the USoft Approach, Project Definition is concerned with the process of achieving the target situation, as opposed to the nature of the contents of the work. But if the organisation is well-versed in applying an Agile framework such as Scrum, the process design for upcoming work (sprints in Scrum) is already predefined and the facilities, human resources and skills are already in place.


The Project Definition subphase must result in a planning that details the project budget, work calendar, target deliverables, resources, logistics and milestones. Depending on the project management techniques chosen, it may include a more or less detailed analysis of risks and opportunities. The deliverables of the Project Definition phase must be good enough to be of substantial help to the person or persons responsible for meeting deadlines and ensuring that key objectives are met. Their format may range from conventional documents and spreadsheets to colour-coded plan boards or (in Scrum) sprint boards.


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