Create Tables Dialog

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Create Tables dialogs display the following properties and options.


This field displays the type of application for which tables are about to be created. The application can be one of the following:

USoft Definer

USoft Benchmark

USoft Authorizer

USoft Application

USoft Repository Manager


This field displays the name of the item for which tables are about to be created. This is the name of the corresponding Binder item.

Authorize only

Use this option if you have already created Definer and Authorizer tables and if you just want to fill the Authorizer tables.

Create tables

Use this option to create or re-create the tables of the application. If you have existing tables and you set Drop Existing Tables = No, new tables are added and alterations to tables are applied. An example of an alteration is that the data length of a column has changed from 60 to 120 characters.

Drop Existing Tables

CAUTION: Set Drop Existing Tables = Yes only if you want to start afresh. Drop Existing Tables = Yes will cause all existing tables to disappear and be replaced by empty new tables.

Load System Messages

This checkbox is only available for use when creating tables for the Definer items. Check this box if you wish to load populate system messages tables in the repository. This is only necessary if you intend to translate or adapt these messages as part of your application development. Note that if you do choose to load system messages, the time taken for creating and populating repository tables will increase considerably. By default, system messages are not loaded.