USoft Binder variables

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In USoft Binder property values, you can use predefined and user-defined variables. For example, you can set the Name property of a User Application item to

User Application {user}


where '{user}' is the predefined 'user' variable that has the database user (specified on the Database tab of the Project Properties sheet) as its value. If the current database user is SALES_DEV, the item name will be displayed as

User Application SALES_DEV


in the USoft Binder main window and also as a title bar across the top of the User Application window. If you duplicate the USoft Binder file for use with a different database user, you only need to specify the different database user name in 1 place.

Another property where variables are useful is the Startup Options property of the Free Object item, which could look like this:

-app MYAPP -ddfile -u {user} -pw {dbpassword} -{rdbms} -database {db} -run GenerateMY_JOB.txt


You can also use variables in the Database property on the Database Tab of the Project Properties sheet.





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