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Checks if a file exists on the file system or not. If it exists, the "global.fileExists" variable is set to 'True'. If it does not exist, it is set to 'False'. "global.fileExists" is a system-defined global variable.

After you have executed the FileExists() method, you can use the global.fileExists variable to get the result. Refer to the value as follows:




FileExists( filepath )


The required filepath is the path specifying the location and name of the file you want to check the existence of.


On a button object you could script:

FileExists(:"Text Box 1")



The decision TEST_FILE_EXISTS could then look like this:

(Decision SQL:)

:"global.fileExists" = 'True'


(Yes Action:)

MessageInformation('The file exists.')


(No Action:)

MessageInformation('The file does NOT exist.')