How to Add Information to Business Rules

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A USoft business rule is essentially defined by its textual Definition. You can increase the value of a rule's definition by adding information.

To add information to a business rule, perform some or all of the following optional steps:

1.Retrieve the rule's definition by choosing TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes from the main menu, and then querying the rule by ID or by its Definition text.
TIP: You can find all rules that have "delivery" in their Definition text by entering "%delivery%" in the Definition text as a search condition, and then browse through the results to find the rule you want to add information to.
2. Optionally, provide a Short Description of the rule.
3. Optionally, choose the most appropriate Type of rule.
4. Optionally, indicate whether the rule Requires Implementation (meaning that the rule will require system development work such as writing a constraint or painting a window). The default is for this setting is Yes.
5. Optionally, set a Priority for the rule.