How to Classify Business Rules as Belonging to Other Rules

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To make it easier to trace a business rule in a larger rule base, you can classify it as belonging to another Rule or to a Business Process Step.

To classify a business rule in this way:

1.Retrieve the rule's definition by choosing TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes from the main menu, and then querying the rule by ID or by its Definition text.
2.Using the lookup button at the Belongs To field, choose the ID of the Rule or Process Step you want the Rule to belong to.

NOTE 1: If the rule you are classifying is a Business Process Step, then the Rule you are classifying it by must also be a Business Process Step.

NOTE 2: Alternatively, if you are about to define a new Business Rule and you already know what other Rule or Process Step you want to classify it by, you can retrieve that Rule in the Business Rules and Processes window, click the Related Rules tab page, and then enter the new Rule on a new line on this tab page.