How to Report and Fix Problems with Business Rules

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Using Notes, you can report and fix problems with business rules in a structured and traceable fashion.

To report and fix problems with business rules:

1.Retrieve the rule's definition by choosing TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes from the main menu, and then querying the rule by (for example) its ID or its Definition text.
2.Click the Related Notes tab page.
3.Place the cursor in a new record (i.e. a blank line in the left-hand gridbox).
4.In the Type of Note column, choose an appropriate Type. To report a problem generally, choose Problem. To report a fix you have completed, or to report a problem that you plan to fix in the version currently being prepared for release, choose Fix. To enter a question, choose Question. If you are not sure of the status of your input, choose Remark.
5.In the Status column, choose Open Assignment.
6.In the right-hand Description page, type the text of your problem report or your description of the fix. Commit.
If you have set a Current Repository Version, this version number will be stamped in the Repository Version column by default.
7.In the case of a problem that you think should not or will not be solved in the currently prepared version release, clear the Repository Version or set it to a higher version number.

NOTE: Problem report and fix information entered in this way is best traced via the Notes window (choose TeamWork, Communication, Notes from the main menu.)